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I Have a Voice

It's been a while since I've written a post.  The transition to term 3 with new courses all around has delayed my ability to reflect.  In addition, I just had LASIK surgery so, I've been trying to limit screen time a little bit.  But, it's officially been 14 days.  So, here we go!

Well, the Oscars were last week and I've been thinking a bit about best picture winners and memorable quotes.  When it comes to educational buzzwords that have been floating in my head, this is the one that keeps springing to my mind.

One of the biggest pushes in education these days is personalization.  There is a phrase that is constantly floating around the idea of what personalization entails and that is "student voice and choice".  In this post, I intended to focus wrapping my head around what we mean when we say student voice.  In my next post, hopefully it'll be soon, I'll try to tackle the idea of choice.

Let's wait on defining what we mean by voice for a lit…