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Evidence of Mastery Presentation in Flipgrid

One of the summative assessment options I love is something I've termed Evidence of Mastery or Mastery Defense Presentation. In this, students will present evidence from the unit to show that they have mastered all unit outcomes and present it to me face to face. When we do this face to face, I can then asks them questions or have them elaborate on points that they may not have covered. It takes time, but it gives me a clear idea of a students understanding of a concept. Due to social distancing in the classroom, I didn't have a good workflow for this in our 1st unit this year. I've brought this summative assessment option back and using Flipgrid to leverage it. Traditionally, I had students construct their own slideshow presentations from scratch. This time around, I decided to make them a template of what I wanted them to specifically present to me. I put in space for them to present work that they had done in the unit. Specifically in this unit, it was graphs from labs …

What Podcasts do Educators Recommend?

I put out the call yesterday for podcasts featuring conversations with educators. The response was overwhelming. 

The Number 1 Podcast by far was Cult of Pedagogy by Jennifer Gonzalez!
Below you'll find a slideshow with all the podcasts that got multiple recommendations. There were a bunch that I had never listened to before and am excited to catch up with. Click on the image or name to get more info about the podcast.

Yesterday I also created 2 different posts on podcasts.
Why Podcasts for PD?
Where to Start with Podcasts for PD (featuring some of my favorite PD Podcasts)

Here is a complete list of all of the podcasts that were recommended in alphabetical order. 

Currently in the process of linking out each one, some podcasts have more of a web presence than others. Some may just take you to iTunes or iOS podcast app.
I would love to add short pull quotes for each podcast. So if you have one for any on the list, please complete this form:

Here's the Original Tweet if you want to follow all of the replies!


  1. I have this post dangerously saved. I listen to a lot of podcasts there will be more! haha I do love Cult of Pedagogy and Teacher on Fire now.Thanks for this

    1. Thanks so much, Tammy! This makes my day. So thankful to hear you've gotten some value from Teachers on Fire. 👊🔥

    2. I agree! So many I need to catch up on too. VERY DANGEROUS!

  2. Very helpful Post!!! This is the first time I have read a post like this. Find Career tips here.

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Canvas LMS Flipgrid Integration

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From Setting in Canvas, go to the Apps tab.

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You can easily create assignment submissions to be Flipgrid responses during assignment creation.
Students can easily submit their assignment directly to Flipgrid from the assignment page.
Here’s the video compilation of the GIFs.

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I have been lucky to do many collaborations with Elementary School teachers with my physics classes. I’ve had great collaborations with Jessica Ebert, Kate Sommerville & Angela Patterson, and Katie Spadoni. Our transition to Virtual Learning has put a halt to any ability to have a face-to-face collaboration. But, my experience with Flipgrid and a new friend has allowed me to start a new collaboration between High School Physics students and a class of kindergartners.It all started when  I had this Twitter conversation with someone in my district.
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