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EdCamp Elmbrook 21

  We had out 5th annual EdCamp this past Saturday and it was a very different PD experience. Due to the pandemic, we help the EdCamp virtually. That meant that anyone across the globe could attend. While we usually only have educators from out region attend, we had educators across the nation and in some in Canada attend. In addition, we had an attendee from Turkey! The conference was conducted using Zoom and Zoom breakout rooms for the sessions. The team did a great job of organization and management. I could go on, but this is my first blog post in a while and I'd like to keep it brief. Below you'll find the session board for the day with notes docs linked. We had some wonderful sessions and the notes documents house some wonderful thoughts and resources. So, I recommend checking them out. Although this EdCamp was only for the morning, there was a lot of learning to be had. We had no technology issues from our end as organizers but I can imagine participants may have had iss

Standards Aligned Portfolios

As we move to skills based standards, many times a traditional test may not be adequate to demonstrate mastery of all standards. Over the past few years, we have been implementing a new state of science standards which incorporate both skills and content. These new state standards were designed with the Next Generation Science Standards as a guide. In our physics course we are targeting 4 different science skills. Planning and carrying out investigations Analyzing and interpreting data Using mathematics and computational thinking Constructing explanations and designing solutions Students are asked to apply each of these practices to specific pieces of content knowledge, Disciplinary Core Ideas. In physics, these are Force and Interactions Energy Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation At the end of a unit, we still have summative assessments that include tests. But this semester, I’m attempting to build in a better understanding of these different practices. So, I am alterin

Science Pear-actices

Pear Deck has just released a series of Slides Templates related to science and you can get them by clicking here. They can also be accessed from the Pear Deck Sidebar in Google Slides or PowerPoint The slide templates are free to use and edit by all and are a great way to start digging into the NGSS Science Practices. If you are unfamiliar with the Science Practice you can read more about them here. In this post, I’d just like to highlight how some of these slides could be used as another way to bring the science practices into your classroom. Developing and Using Models When students create and use models they are creating representations of phenomenon. Models are a great way for students to communicate ideas beyond simple text explanations. These can take a variety of forms and that’s where some of these different slide interactions can come in. Slides like the Draw an Atom give students an opportunity to practice applying atomic models for different elements. It’s simple for t